Saturday, 28 July 2007

More Sandstone

With the north of Europe facing the big Flood and the south set on fire, it looks like this summer has a little bit for everyone... The lucky boulderer that I am, escaped the desperatly wet eastern Irish coast for a couple of weeks holiday in that lovely French region that is called the Languedoc. Situated at about 30mn from the mediteranean sea, just where the Larzac plateau starts, the town of Lodève has a lot to offer, a few quality sandstone bouldering spots that is. Now I know what you are going to say: why bothering with some obscure place in the south when the world sandstone bouldering Mecca lays a few kilometers away from the world capital of chauvinism? Well, firstly Font is busy, especially during the summer. Secondly Font does not have cicadas. And finally my fellow boulderers, this is holiday we are talking about: cheap wine, good food, sunbathing at the beach, games of petanque sipping pastis, afternoon siestas, and wonderful scenery over the Larzac. So if you happen to go anywhere around the Montpellier / Bezier area, have a look at the Lodève bloc website.

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