Thursday, 6 September 2007

"Summer" bouldering at Portrane Beach

"Met Éireann confirmed the worst suspicions of umbrella sellers yesterday when it declared last month to be one of the warmest, sunniest and driest Aprils on record."
The Irish Times, Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Summer? What summer? The three following months probably broke some rainfall record. (By the way, I cannot bear that "me-and-my-umbrella" song anymore, can you?) True, summer this year started in mid April and finished in mid May. As a result our usual evening summer sessions in Portrane seriously started only a couple of weeks ago, and will be over in another couple of weeks as the days are getting shorter. It is hard to get motivated in these conditions. My Shot down in Flames project is laughing at me....

I do not know if it is the climate or the economical context but most of the locals are leaving: do you really think that Squamish or Font could beat Portrane? Seriously lads!
So for those about to rock, here's a little video of Portrane: