Sunday, 2 March 2008

More Glendo off-track

The conditions were excellent for the bouldering meet in Glendalough Saturday morning. Although by lunchtime, the mist was upon us, we had enough time to get some climbing done. After a tough warm-up on Dec's Pyramid, we moved to The Cherry: 10 meters behind it stands a nice face with a very sloppy lip. I tried to find it a few weeks ago but without success. This definitely needs to be included in any info on Glendo. Declan Tormey and I had already done the sloppy traverse and the stand start straight up 3 or 4 years ago, but Tim Chapman pointed out a sit-start was done by Barry O'Dwyer and that really tickles your body tension (if you have any, because in my case, my bum didn't take off the ground). More pictures on Mark Hand's gallery. An excellent boulder altogether with good landing which is not that common in Glendo. We also decided to explore the other side of the river and manage to climb a couple of new lines on seriously sharp granite, but the weather changed and it was time for Crumble.

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