Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My first E10

I never climbed harder than E1 in trad, but yesterday I got my copy of Dave Flanagan's guide book and discovered that I climbed an E10 in 2004.

I had originally graded 6a what was possibly the first ascent of An Taobh Tuathail, but it looks like Dave thought the line was even more lunatic that Lán Mara  and Lag Mara.

Okay, it is a bit reachy, fair enough. But the landing is fine (at high tide that is).


Tim said...

Abit reachy!! I doubt i could span that making it a foul dyno.

Dave said...

Looks class!! E10, good effort man!

Neal said...

but I thought you didn't climb trad?! ;o)
still though, if there's water below, I'd love to try it as the dyno version.....nice send!

davo said...

I gave it E10 first and foremost as a joke. However I don't think it would be possible to fall off this safely at any tide. There is a rocky ledge that you start on that you might or might not clear depending on how you fell. And if you do miss this the water isn't that deep at all in the landing zone, 6feet max at a good high tide. So its dangerous don't be under any illusion. I wouldn't like to see anyone hurt.

Pierre said...

I can hear you barking Davo!

Let's make it dumb proof for the outsider:

Although it is easy if you are very tall, the landing of this climb is dangerous and there's a strong chance of hurting yourself badly if you fall, tide or no tide.