Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Declan Tormey added two little deadpoints below the lip of Wave washed in the Alley (lines 1 & 2). Although they were more than certainly climbed by Michael O'Dwyer back in 2001, there was no mention of them in the original information. They both are sit-start deadpoints from small crimps, probably 6b.

Line 3 is a variation of problem 16 in the alley: instead of going into the groove, one goes left on the blankish face with a nice top out on jugs (but hard to reach). 6b/c

Problem 4 is a old project of Kevin Cooper. It starts into Planet Earth, bridge back onto the arch, drop around the bottom of the Arch to finish onto the Ear. Probably ranging at 6c/7a.

There was a gap between Planet Earth and Stick it. This was filled up during the summer with a sit start to the big ledge. From there you can either akwardly climbed into the mini cave or dyno to the top jug above. 6a

Paul Harrington also mentionned a traverse (5+/6a) at the back of the arch. Again, these lines have probably been climbed before, but there was no mention in the original guide.

Finally it is worth noticing that the rock at Ground Zero is more dirty and polished than ever.

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