Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Bouldering in Fontainebleau - Le Bilboquet du Cul de chien

In Fontainebleau last weekend, I climbed for the first time on the Bilboquet du Cul de Chien.

I sort of remembered being told, a few years, that it was "forbidden" to climb on Le Bilboquet because it was moving and about to crack.

And true enough, there does not seem to be much information about it on the extensive database or in the french bouldering website Zebloc.

Nevertheless a quick google search will show you a lot of pictures and videos.

On the boulder itself, there does not seem to be any of the usual color code you'd find all around the forest, but its handholds are as white are any other heavily chalked classic of the Cuvier.

So off we went, with the idea of doing a group photo on top of it (not very original I must admit).

But with two of us already on top of it and a third person climbing it, it started to shake - not a mad momentum, but we could clearly feel the vibes.

So here's an interesting physics exercise: given the three of us were about 200kg, would it hold the momentum generated by a fourth climber or is the threshold higher?